Combitreat Technology

Combitreat Technology is our indigenously designed solution to upgrade purely aerobic STPs such as those built using Sequential Batch Reactor Technology to make them energy efficient. Combitreat Unit harnesses primary sedimentation and anaerobic digestion to treat a major portion of the organic matter without using any electricity. The Combitreat Unit is a combination of Primary Clarifier, Sludge Digester and Biogas Holder Tank.
Combitreat Technology has two main applications:
  • To upgrade existing purely aerobic sewage treatment plants in order to make them more energy efficient.
  • To be built along with new sewage treatment plants in order to make them energy efficient .

Some of our successful installations in which we have Designed, Supplied, Constructed, Erected Machinery, carried out O&M and completed works as Technology Provider for Combitreat technology are as below: