Improved Biotower Technology

In early 1900, human waste was generally disposed off either in pits or open ground. Due to increase in population, rapid industrialisation, urban development took place resulted in accumulation of waste in densely crowded habitation/cluster.
Improved Biotower Technology is the modern day manifestation of a trickling filter. It is much more modern and has been developed to cater to sewage of variable quantities and of variable organic loads. Special high surface area media is used to have maximum treatment using minimum space.

As described earlier after primary treatment raw sewage is taken to Improved BIOTOWER, where sewage is spread on packed bed of Plastic/PVC medium where fixed film of microorganism is formed over media. Biological degradation of organic matter present in sewage occurs as trickling sewage comes in contact with biological film formed over plastic media. This method is based on empirical data collected over the years, design curves have been developed for various organic loading and different temperature ranges. About 50 % organic load is removed without use of power.

Advantages of Improved Biotower Technology are:
  • Very high energy efficiency. 50% less power is required than plants based on SBR technology.
  • Can easily withstand shock loads.
  • Easy operation and maintenance. No foaming problems. No recirculation of sludge required. No skilled staff is required.

Some of our successful installations in which we have Designed, Supplied, Constructed, Erected Machinery, carried out O&M and completed works as Technology Provider for Improved Biotower technology are as below: