Package Type Sewage Treatment Plants (PTP)

Due to rapid urbanization and very high density of developed cities, it is difficult for civic authorities to provide necessary infrastructure facilities such as water and sanitation. Rapid development of the suburban areas and lack of treatment facilities are causing pollution of our rivers and other water bodies.

To overcome this difficulty Pollution Control Board has made it mandatory to provide decentralized sewage treatment plant known as package STP’s for small town ships, hotels, restaurants in their premise. These zones comprise of high population density areas. The benefits of establishing decentralized STP’s or package plants is reduction in transport cost, reduces soil pollution due to infiltration along with recycled water reuse opportunities for various purposes i.e. gardening, flushing, washing etc. This package Wastewater treatment plant is a perfect fit for any decentralized STP application!

Here is a list of some of our esteemed clients:

Name of Work Capacity
DSK Ranwara , Pune 1MLD
Panji , Goa 60 cum/day
Nanded Mahanagpalika 180 cum/day
Radisson Resorts , Alibaug 100 cum/day
CPWD , Aliganj, New Delhi 200 cum /day
Empire Estate, Chinchwad , Pune 750 cum/day--- In progress