Research & Development

Research and Development is at the core of our business. At HNB, we believe that continuous innovation through R&D is the only way towards assured success. With this in mind, we have an in-house team with R&D roles that attempt to resolve problems in a scientific manner. With detailed design and some trial and error our team takes on the most difficult of problems. 

Over the years, we have identified that Sewage Treatment Projects in India have 3 major areas of concern. Our team set out to deliver outstanding products designed to get around these areas of concern. We take pride in stating that over the years, we have been able to tackle these areas of concern successfully. We have designed two innovative sewage treatment processes that overcome the areas of concern. We have Intellectual Property in the form of 2 patents on our innovative technologies namely Improved Biotower Technology and Combitreat Technology. These treatment technologies tackle the following areas of concern very effectively in the following manner:

  • Availability of skilled manpower:
    It is not just cost prohibitive to have numerous highly skilled workers maintaining the treatment plant but also the fact that human error is always a real possibility.  To tackle this problem, our products are fully automated and hence we require very minimal skilled manpower. The STPs that we design and operate are operated using a Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) based system architecture that can controlled using a SCADA software that is very user friendly. A simple training and workshop is adequate to operate the PLC SCADA system.
  • High cost of electricity:
    The treatment plants require very high electricity due to the high rated motors and UV lamps and so on. Electricity is a costly resource and minimal use of electricity can save a large amount of money, considering that the life of treatment plants is 25-30 years. Our products are designed to use minimum electricity (Improved Biotower Technology) while generating electricity economically (Combitreat Technology). Improved Biotower technology is a trickling filter based technology which eliminates the need of primary clarification and sludge digestion, thereby reducing capital cost. It also digests a sizable portion of organic pollutants in the trickling filter and reduces the organic load that is to be handled by the aeration tank, which helps saving in electricity. Combitreat Technology utilizes a compact combitreat basin which performs the roles of primary clarifier, gas digester and gas holder effectively. Combitreat tank digests sizable portion of organic pollutants anaerobically which reduces load from aeration tank, which helps saving in electricity. In this process, biogas is generated which is used to generate electricity which further reduces the quantum of electricity that is required to be imported from the grid.
  • Limited land availability:
    In metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune (among others), very limited space is available for building sewage treatment plants. Limited space constrains the treatment process and treatment capacity is often found to be inadequate. Improved Biotower and Combitreat technologies are designed to be very compact and take up very less space on the ground. Using them, large treatment capacity can be made available in smallest of spaces. It is our drive to design STPs that are compact but which have the highest treatment impact.

In addition to above, we are continuously improving our products and services. We are trying to design innovative products that are sure to last longer and perform better. Our Research and Development is directed towards prudent and frugal innovations by using the latest technologies and scientific practices.